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For over a decade, Road 2 Eternity Media has been crafting positive entertainment for audiences around the world, encompassing the power of creativity, innovation and imagination in our storytelling. Founded by creative visionary and filmmaker Michael White, R2E Media began its remarkable journey in the Chicagoland area, reinventing how entertainment was created and consumed, and sparking a unique vision that cultivated the atmosphere of the company’s brand and culture: professionalism, integrity and excellence (P.I.E.).

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R2E Media has won numerous awards and accolades for its work in film and television, and has worked with entertainment companies, business entrepreneurs, technology corporations, non-profit organizations, government officials, community activists, celebrity & sport icons, and more. Throughout its ten-year history, R2E Media continues to shine its light by paving the way for future storytellers to create new stories that can spark a positive influence on audiences around the globe.