about us


At Road 2 Eternity, we are committed to telling stories that engage, inspire and entertain audiences around the world through positive media, encompassing the power of creativity, innovation and powerful resources that makes us a phenomenal enterprise. 



Our executive team brings visionary thinking, tremendous experience and a shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the daily operation of the company. 

robert white

technical director

Robert White is a well experienced individual that oversees and coordinates the technical activities and assignments within the company, click for bio.

gabrielle white

screenwriter & director

Gabrielle White is a phenomenal storyteller that is passionate about writing narratives with an innovative edge, using the realm of entertainment to inspire people around the globe, click for bio.

david white

sound engineer & voice actor

David White is a sound engineer that assembles, operates and maintains the audio equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix and reproduce sound, click for bio.