who are we

Our Story

Road 2 Eternity is a Christian film & television production company that engages, inspires and transform people around the world through positive entertainment, encompassing the creative minds, beloved stories and powerful resources that make us an unprecedented entertainment company.



Our executive team brings visionary thinking, tremendous experience and shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the daily operation of the company.

  • Michael White | Creative Director

    Michael White is a multi-hyphenate visionary that is passionate about crafting stories with inspirational messages using entertainment to inspire people around the world.

  • Sheila White | Executive Producer

    Sheila White is a content creator that oversees numerous projects within the company, providing valuable resources that enables productivity and efficiency.

  • Glen White | Technical Director

    Glen White is a well experienced individual that oversees and coordinates the technical activities and assignments within the company.

  • Gabrielle White | Screenwriter & Director

    Gabrielle White is a phenomenal storyteller that is passionate about writing narratives with an innovative edge, using the realm of entertainment to inspire people around the globe.

  • David White | Sound Engineer & Voice Actor

    David White is a sound engineer that assembles, operates and maintains the audio equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix and reproduce sound. 


Road 2 Eternity, together with its affiliates, focuses on the following business segments: 

Studio Entertainment, Products & Experiences and Resources & Education.

inspiring literature

Skyward Books

Skyward Books is a publishing company that aims to inspire, edify and entertain readers through its literary content.

For Skyward Books site, click here.

animated storytelling

LightCore Animation

LightCore Animation is an animation studio that produces innovative, uplifting and entertaining stories through animated media.

LightCore Animation website, coming soon.